Readings are created using a variety of psychic abilities together with the elements of fire, earth, air & water in order to capture spiritual manifestations via the medium of photographic image(s).  Using psychometry, remote viewing & clairvoyance to bring forth messages and symbolism for & about the subject in question, relating to past, present & future events. A reading may also be used to shed light upon a life situation that you may need  guidance or answers to. 

On occasion words, letters & numbers (numerology) may also manifest within the element being worked with. Images of loved ones whom have passed over may also try to connect through this medium. 

Consultations with cards/ runes/dowsing rods & pendulums  will be used if needed for further clarification. 

Below is an unusual & striking image taken from a (Fire Reading) in 2020. (Feline/Cat Entity- Symbolism)

Feline/Cat Symbolism - Fire Element Reading Manifestation. © MAGICALA 2022

On completion, you will receive a special presentation box containing your in depth reading & bespoke element prints - appx 5. All Photographs are authentic. The contrast/levels may be enhanced slightly in some images in order to reveal hidden visuals. Nothing else will be altered unless the piece is being produced for artwork purposes. The image must remain in its most purest form for the most sincerest messages. 


 Limited prints in large sizes will also be available for purchase.


 There is no appointment time as such, a few days are required for the initial reading, meditation, channeling & optional psychometry sessions. 



If you have a question or would like to book a consultation & reading or gift a loved one or special friend

 please do not hesitate to contact via the link below. 



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